PNB Housing Finance Ltd at MCHI Exhibition

Case Study
  • Client PNB Housing
  • Date 02-11-2016

PNB Housing

  • Required a unique theme setup which should be in hut style
  • PNB Housing was the silver sponsors for MCHI 2016 exhibition
  • Overall feel should be of “Pull Factor”
  • Brand and Logo should be appropriately used to highlight same
  • Idea – “In the Environment every one owns house, humans are only one which rent. Hence, idea was to promote home loans rather than people renting the same”


KM Execution

  • After understanding in-depth idea behind same, the design was generated keeping all factors like brand, Hut theme, bird nest, PNB Home logo and others
  • Professional labour who had executed to make Hut was employed for task
  • Bird nest and other props were placed to make entire theme revolve around buying a home loan and to have a pull effect
  • Was much appreciated by the PNB housing finance management and exhibitors who visited